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The Wines of Istria

The Istrian region has about 10,000 hectares given over to the grape vine. The most important wine centres are Buje, Porec, Motovun, Pazin with Vodnjan, Novigrad, Buzet, Rovinj and Labin. The best known red wines are Merlot, Teran, Bourgogne, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera, while of whites there are Malvasia, White Pinot and Muscat otonel. Merlot, dry wine of a ruby red colour, is a premium wine or an appelation controlee wine.

The best known come from Buje and Porec. That from Buje has an alcohol content of from 12.5-14% and 5-8 g/1 total acids. Merlot is drunk at its best after ageing. Cabernet Sauvignon, is a premium red wine; that from Porec can stand omparison with the best in the world. Alcohol content 12-13%, 5.5-7 g/l total acids. Teran is a quality red wine with a dark ruby colour, the colour of hare's blood, as it is said; along with Malvasia, this is the most widely distributed wine in Istria. Teran produced by the Agropazin winery has 11% alcohol content and 8.10 g/l total acids. This wine matures early and is drunk while quite young. Malvasia is a quality white (yellow) dry wine with greenish gleams. The alcohol content of Malvasia from Buje is 12.5 to 14%, with 5-7 g/l total acids. An aperitif wine and a dessert wine are also produced which have an alcohol content of 15%. The Rovinj winery offers a white table wine in which Malvasia is dominant. The alcohol content of this wine is 11%, and there are 5-6 g/l total acids. The Istrian rose is called Hrvatica. This is a quality appellation controlee wine from the Buje wine growing region. It is produced from a grape of the same name to which 15% of Verduzzo Trevigiano is added. It has the colour of unripe cherries. It has 10.5% alcohol and 5.6 g/l of total acids.
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