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Roc, Istria

Roc was first inhabited in pre-historic times. In classical times another settlement grew up in the fertile valley on the site of the present day village of Rim. Around the military base a town developed which has left no visible traces. In the 6th century AD there was a church there, the Church of St. Maurus (Sveti Mauro), and an inscription, which has been lost, mentioned the Bishop of Trieste Frugiferus. Some old Slavic graves have been found in Roc from a slightly later date.

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Draguc and Istarske toplice, Istria


This is a medieval settlement in the hilly part of central Istria. It is situated on a hillside over a deep valley and the houses are arranged to the left and right of the only street. The facades of the houses, both one-storey and those on two floors, are linked together in a picturesque whole. The street, the only thoroughfare, leads to a broad square where stand the parish church and bell tower. The outer walls of the inner town centre used to serve for defence, while the houses along the street acted as reinforcement.

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Buzet, Istria

This small town is situated on a lonely hill in the northern part of central Istria in the middle of a wide valley where the River Mirna flows. The location has been inhabited since pre-historic times. Beneath Buzet was the cross-roads of the main routes from the north to the south (at the foot of the limestone massif Cicarija) and from the west to the east (from the karst to the sea along the Mirna valley). The present settlement is spread out at the foot of the hill, in the Funtana area.

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Oprtalj, Istria

The town is situated on the site of a pre-historic fortress. It was settled in ancient times, and in the Middle Ages it was the property of various feudal lords. In 1209 it was ruled by the Patriarchs of Aquileia and in 1490 it was taken over by Venice. The medieval walls which surround the town are well preserved because houses built much later use them for support. In front of the entrance to the town there is the town loggia which dates from the 17th century.

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Groznjan, Istria

Groznjan is a fortified medieval town, on a raised area of land over the right bank of the River Mirna. It was mentioned for the first time in 1103. It was ruled by the Patriarchs of Aquileia until 1358 when it came under Venice. In the second half of the 14th century Groznjan was the administrative centre for the western part of Venetian Istria. At that time the town walls and watch towers were repaired. Of these, only the main town gates remain, which at one time had a drawbridge.

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