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Croatia A Small Country For A Great Holiday by Andrusko Mardesic

Croatia extends from the foothills of the Julian Alps in the north-west and the Pannonian Plain in the east, over the Dinara mountain range in its central region, to the Adriatic coast in the south. 56,542 km2, with an additional 31,067 km2 of territorial waters. Zagreb (779.145 inhabitants - the administrative, cultural, academic and communication centre of the country). 1,185 islands. The largest islands are those of Krk and Cres. There are 67 inhabited islands.

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Peninsula Peljesac in Southern Dalmatia, Croatia by Rolly Rees

Peljesac is the only Dalmatian peninsula, and though not large, it has a rich heritage that makes it an ideal holiday destination. All of Peljesac is full of signs of past cultures. It's as if this elongated peninsula, consisting of alternating stony hills and fertile valleys, created the eternal flow of time that vibrates between sea and sky.

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Vacation In Croatia - Europe In The County Istria by Felix Breitegger

Croatia is an European country at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans and Mediterranean. It is divided into twenty-one counties and has a population of about 4,500,00 in 2007. Its capital is Zagreb with about 933,914 inhabitants and the size of Croatia is about the size of West Virginia in the USA. It is a hard decision where to go in Croatia, because the whole country is beautiful and all areas are different. For example visit the county Istria.

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Quick Tips To Plan Your Travel To Croatia From Italy by Roberto Gardenti

After many years of conflict throughout the former Yugoslavia, the area is now enjoying a period of peace and stability and has become a very popular tourist destination indeed. In the last ten years Croatia is emerging as one of Europe's fastest-growing tourist destinations, and it is not surprising really, if we consider what Croatia has to offer to travellers.

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Croatia - Jewel of the Mediterranean by Andrew Scherer

World travelers, take note: there is no beauty superior to that which can be absorbed by witnessing the natural spenders and the cultural richness of Croatia. With a national history dating back to the seventh century a.d., Croatia has exhibited the wonders of, as the country’s national tourism board states: “The Mediterranean As It Once Was”.

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